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Quality Control
Nothing is as important for us as serving quality assured products to the honorable customers. This is the reason, in our premise a TQM policy is followed, which makes every personnel of our company to develop Tractor Parts, General & Graded Castings, Machinery Castings, Blower Castings, SG Iron Castings, Ductile Iron Castings, Grey Iron Castings as per international norms. Under the eagle eye of our quality controlling team, our entire gamut is made using A grade Pig Iron,CRC, Silica Sand, Copper, Alloys and many other raw inputs. Further, all the self made as well as sourced products are passed through stringent quality exams to ensure perfection. Following are the in-house inspection facilities that we have maintained to have proper quality tests:
  • Brinell hardness tester
  • Carbon, silicon, manganese, sulphur and phosphorous for wet analysis
  • Universal testing machine (60 Mt capacities)
  • For direct readings of nodule count, ferrite, pearlite and carbide etc., we have Koywa (Getner) Microscope coupled with image analyzer. Installed Microscope is able to provide normal magnification of 800X and digital magnification of 1000X
Below are some of the Wet laboratory equipment that are updated in our premise:
  • Distillation apparatus
  • Hot air oven
  • Muffle furnace (temperature range 900-1200°C)
  • pH Meter
  • Strohlein apparatus for carbon determination
Further, we have also done Sand Testing Arrangements, which include following facilities:
  • Clay washer
  • Methylene blue clay tester
  • Compactability tester
  • Compression strength tester
  • Core gas determinator
  • Mould & core hardness tester
  • Permeability meter
  • Rapid moisture teller
  • Sand rammer with base block
  • Shear strength gauger
  • Sieve shaker with timer and test of sieves
Due to such a high focus on making & delivering qualitative products to customers, we have got ISO 9001:2008 certification.